Here are some of the genealogy software titles in use by our members. Click the product name to visit the website to learn more about these products.

Many of these products now offer free versions that have limited functionality but do not expire. Comparison of Features Survey Responses

Please note: This information is out of date. Newer versions are available than listed here.

    • Free version avail

    • Clean layout

    • Ability to share events

    • nFS and FSFT Sync

    • PC only, iOS App

    • Free version avail

    • Superb search and tagging features

    • Shared Events

    • nFS and FSFT Sync

    • PC only

    • Free version avail

    • Original makers of PAF

    • nFS and FSFT Sync

    • PC only

    • Widely used

    • Tree Sync to

    • PC and Mac

    • Exceptional reports

    • Updated often

    • Very flexible program

    • PC only

PAF can also be downloaded for free, but it is no longer maintained. (Last updated July 2002 - version 5.2.18)

** Support has now official ended (as of 15 July 2013) for PAF, you can no longer download the software from FamilySearch **

If you are still using PAF and would like to eventually link to FamilySearch records, please look at one of the first three products above.

The Master Genealogist (TMG) announced on 29 July 2014 that it would be discontinued on 31 Dec 2014.

You will still be able to use the program, but will no longer get support from the company beyond this date.

Family Tree Maker (FTM) announced on 8 Dec 2015 that they will stop selling the product on 31 Dec 2015, but support will continue until at least 1 Jan 2017 for existing users. Users can no longer purchase Family Tree Maker.

Cumberland Family Tree 4.03 has been released. Ira Lund has got back into development again and has made numerous improvements.

Ahnenblatt is another freeware application that can be used, but it is very basic. It produces nice looking charts.

GenBox is a great application as well. Although it has not been updated for quite some time, the reports and charts are very customizable.

Family Historian is a program that allows faces to be linked from existing photos without having to crop them among other features.

My Family Tree is another free program developed by Chronoplex Software that might be worth evaluating.

More genealogy software is listed here and here.

Freeware/Shareware Transcription Assistance software - Transcript 2.4 and GenScriber

GED Utilities is another application you can use to split out Shared Events in RootsMagic to standard events so other programs can read them.

Another Solution for splitting shared events can be found here.